An Adventure in Guernsey

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Welcome to my interactive series titled An Adventure in Guernsey.  I invite you to join in the fun of taking part in the story you are reading.  I have no idea where we will go, what we will see or who we will meet (or what) only that we will get there together.  I am starting us out in the year 1801 on the Island of Guernsey.

Here we meet Marshall Daventry, Marquess of Northampton, with his black hair, dark brown eyes and darkened skin from the sun due to his archeological digs on the Continent and as far as Africa.

Lady Cordelia Rutledge also joins the fun.  She is Scottish on her mother’s side, resides in Cumberland and her father is British.  She has red hair, ice blue eyes, freckles and dimpled cheeks.

Check out what happened first and tell me what you think happens next.  I can’t wait to find out how they get out of this predicament — it’s a doozy!  Maybe you know?  Subscribe to my blog and find out.






Let the Fun Begin!  ~~>

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